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The Teatro Nacional Sucre

The Teatro Nacional Sucre in Quito EcuadorBetween years 1565 to 1765, the present Seat of the Theater was the Square of the Slaughters, where bullfights of bulls were celebrated. In 1867, the Congress prohibited them and the Seat was turned theater space.

Guayaquil, our main port, already counted on a theater from 1857 in where companies appeared that came from Europe. These could not appear in Quito because there was no room. The Government of Ignacio de Veintimilla, in 1877, yielded the house and lot of the Seat of the Slaughters to the society Civilization for the construction of a theater.

The works were made between 1879 and 1886. The 25 of November of 1886, to eight and the average one at night, Voyer Captain was inaugurated the scene with the presentation of the famous Parisian pianista, with the support of the National Orchestra directed by Aparicio Córdova.

In his first 50 years of life two or three annual spectacles occurred. Soon, it served more for functions as year end of schools and schools and for dances of society. The first national company that sang opereta in Ecuador was the Company of Zarzuelas and Operettas de Maria Victory Eyrie in 1927.

Oil 'Don Juan Tenorio' of Alberto Coloma Silva, during the process of restoration initiated in 1996.Thanks to the magnificent contribution of the Filarmónica Society of Quito, have appeared in the theater artists of reputation like the Chilean pianista Claudius Arrau in 1950; the violinista Yehudi Menuhin in 1950; jazzistá North American Dizzi Gillespie in 1956; the Spanish guitarist Andrés Segovia in 1958; the saxofonista Stan Getz in 1980, among others.

Restorations and Interventions

In the presidency of general Eloy Alfaro the first intervention takes place, took place the second intervention in the presidential period of Jose Luis Tamayo; thus, in 1922, for the 100 years of Batalla of the Pichincha, he is reinaugurado.

There were more interventions years 1948 to 1952. From the year of 1992 they have been continued with intense and massive restorations.

The Foyer of the Teatro Nacional Sucre In Quito EcuadorThe Theater belonged to the Ecuadorian Government through the Undersecretary's office of Culture of the Ministry of Education. It happened to hands of the Central bank of Ecuador, that with the support of UNESCO made the works of rehabilitation.

In 2001 position becomes of the theater the Bottom of Rescue of the Cultural Patrimony of the Municipality of the Metropolitan District of Quito, that, with the Company of Development of the Historical Center of Quito, is carrying out its putting in value. Today National Theater Sucre works under the administration of the Foundation, whose executive director is the teacher Good Julio. 


















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