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Chapel of Man

Capilla del hombre in Quito Pichincha Ecuador


The Capilla del Hombre located in Quito Ecuador is an architectonic cultural space, a complex of great dimension. It is a memorial referred to the Latin American man from the pre-columbian image, to the contemporary man.

In it shape the song, pain, weeping, wrath, tenderness, protest, dreams, violence, fights, sacrifice, and victory of the Latin American man to whom Guayasamin dedicates this work.

The Chapel of the Man is also a symbol and in addition it is loaded of them. They are 15 thousand square meters of a project, conceived during 12 years, and that are inhaled the first day of the 2000 is inaugurated. "the chapel of the Man", three plants that end at a cupola with cone form I truncate, is a monument to the American man. To the one of the towns pressed in these 504 years of westernization.

Guayasamin,insatiable handsIn each one of the different rooms of the chapel, the historical times and subjects will be symbolized by murals: "they will represent what was America before the arrival of the Spaniards: its Gods and symbols, his cosmogonia, their architecture, its music, dances and dresses, their animals and plants.

Other murals will deal about the discovery, and with greater emphasis of the conquest, company in which died million natives.

The intention of Oswaldo Guayasamin, in any case, is not only to portray the native, for that reason the Chapel and the murals that will contain, "also talk about the million black that, started of their native earth, Africa, were stored in ' deposits of meat of ebano before being sent to America."

Owaldo Guayasamin, Quito EcuadorThe Age of the Wrath. Oswaldo Guayasamin Hands "the Age of Wrath" between 1961 and 1990, composed by 150 pictures of great format, within that series are collections around same a thematic one, like "the Hands" (12 oils), "Women Crying" (7 oils), "the Delay" (11 oils), "the Mutilated ones" (6 oils), "Meeting in the Pentagon" (5 oils), "Rivers of Blood" (3 oils). It denounces the violence of the man against the man in this century.
























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